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Saudi Arabia Celebrates Flag Day

Flag: Symbol of Belief and Nationhood

Every year on March 11, Saudis celebrate Flag Day, honoring the national symbol that has flown for nine decades. This tradition is based on a royal decree emphasizing the flag’s importance throughout the history of the Saudi state since its establishment in 1727. The flag, with the Shahada at its center, symbolizes the message of peace and Islam.

Flag: Symbol of Belief and Nationhood

The Saudi flag is more than just a piece of fabric; it represents belief, nationhood, and unity. Every element, from its color and size to its decorations, carries symbolic meanings. The flag’s history begins with the first Saudi state, symbolizing unity and territorial expansion under the leadership of the Al Saud family.

Evolution of Saudi Flag

The Saudi flag has undergone various transformations to reach its current design. Initially, it was a simple green banner with the Shahada written on it. Over time, it evolved to include a sword, representing strength and the struggle to uphold the message of monotheism. This flag has remained a powerful symbol in the hearts of the people, filled with love and peace.

Historical Details, Design Changes

Historically, the Saudi flag featured a green fabric with the Shahada and a sword, symbolizing jihad and divine strength. Under King Abdulaziz, the flag’s design changed to include two crossed swords, eventually simplifying to one sword under the Shahada. The flag’s green color symbolizes paradise, while the Shahada and sword express monotheism, justice, and defense of the Islamic nation.



العلم السعودي - سابقا

Regulation of Flag

On January 12, 1938, a royal decree established the flag’s design and raised it as a symbol of sovereignty, unity, and national pride. This decree ensured the flag would always fly high, unlowered, as a testament to the country’s enduring strength and wisdom.

Establishment of Flag Day

In conclusion, a royal order designated March 11 as the national Flag Day, recognizing the flag’s central role in the country’s history and its representation of peace, strength, and national unity. This day reflects the collective pride and unity of Saudi citizens under their national symbol, a flag that stands as a beacon of dignity and never lowered.

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