Saudi Arabia announces new social security conditions for the married women

Saudi Arabia has announced the terms of a new social security program for married women starting in 2022, aimed at disadvantaged families and those in need of assistance.

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources highlighted the changes to the new social security rules on its official website.

Its goal is to assist residents in swiftly registering and receiving the established social security wage in compliance with the new system’s rules and conditions.

All security pension recipients must also register their information on the application portal by May 23, 2022, according to the government.

The pension is paid out a month after the application decision is issued, and the government is trying to eventually standardize the date of social security payment for new and previous beneficiaries.

Married women have new social security conditions. 2022
A married woman is eligible for a social security pension if she meets the following criteria:

Wife reaching old age

  • Provide proof of the wife’s permanent residence in Saudi Arabia, such as an electricity bill or a rental agreement.
  • In the case that the husband is absent and his news is disrupted, the wife is entitled to a pension.

The absence of any property possessed by the wife, whether real estate or land

Providing proof of the husband’s drug use and the fact that they have children together

  • In the case that the spouse is imprisoned and the couple has children.

The monthly income of the wife shall not exceed the guarantee limit.

If a lady marries a non-Saudi guy and has children, her husband must be unable to work.

The applicant must be a Saudi national or have a Saudi husband.

The wife has no business or professional experience.

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