Saudi Arabia: 99 new cases of corona… death toll is 4

The Saudi Ministry of Health has registered on Saturday 99 new cases of infection in the Kingdom, 10 of which are related to travel, bringing the total number of Corona injuries in the country to 1203.

The ministry’s spokesman, Dr. Mohamed Al-Abdali, said during his daily press conference that the death of a citizen in Riyadh had been recorded, bringing the total deaths to 4, and two new cases recovered.

Al-Abdali added that the total number of people with corona in the Kingdom reached 1203 cases. The cases according to the cities are as follows:

Riyadh 41, Jeddah 18, Makkah 12, Qatif 12, Medina 6, Tabuk 3, Khamis Mushait 3, Abha 1, Hofuf 1, Khobar 1, Saihat 1.

A spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health confirmed that the ministry is answering any medical inquiry, stressing that the Kingdom is at the forefront of the world in terms of the number of tests that are taking place, and that homes must be committed even outside the time of partial curfew.

Mohamed Al-Abd Al-Aali said yesterday that it is too early to judge the behavior of Corona, and it is not possible to confirm the behavior of the virus in summer.

He added during the press conference, that there are two cases of similar recovery from the emerging Corona virus, bringing the number of people recovered to 35 cases, explaining that the new infections, including 10 cases coming from abroad.

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