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Saudi Airlines unveils the truth of affiliated plane accident at Cairo Airport

Saudi Airlines unveils the truth of affiliated plane accident at Cairo Airport

Saudi Arabian Airlines revealed the details of the incident of one of its planes colliding with the two loading bridges for ground services located on the runway at Cairo International Airport.

The Director of Corporate Communications Affairs at Saudi Arabian Airlines, Eng. Abdullah Al-Shahrani confirmed that what was circulated by the media about the presence of damage to the wing of the Saudi Airlines plane when it was at Cairo Airport was incorrect, stressing the safety of the plane, and its continuation to take off after being examined.

He said in statements to Al-Arabiya satellite channel that while the Saudi Airlines plane, Flight SV312, dated October 31, was in the aisle, in preparation for take-off from Cairo Airport, and when he pushed it back using ground equipment, slight friction occurred in the plane’s wing with one of the airport’s surveillance cameras located in the aisle.

He added that after conducting a technical examination of the plane and ensuring its safety, the plane completed its flight to Riyadh.

Upon its arrival, the technical examination was conducted again to ensure its safety and completed its flight schedule as scheduled.

Earlier, an official source at the Cairo Airport Company said in media statements that during the work of a rear-wheel-drive for the Saudi Airlines plane, flight No. MSR1774, Sunday, at exactly nine o’clock in the evening, after the loading bridge had left and all passengers had entered, slight friction took place with the left wing of the plane with a flexible, breakable pole, on which a camera is attached to follow the airstrip.

Immediately, the plane was returned to the site again to perform all procedures and reviews by the aircraft engineer, and it was confirmed that it was safe, and no part of the wing was affected by anything.

According to the source, he confirmed that a certificate of airworthiness of the plane had been issued and that it did not require the passengers to leave the plane to quickly complete the procedures, and a rear-wheel-drive was made again for the plane, which took off at 11.25 pm.

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