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Saudi-African Summit: KSA, Nigeria Explore Bilateral Relations

In a significant meeting in Riyadh, Crown Prince and Prime Minister of KSA Mohammed bin Salman met with Nigeria’s President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Friday to discuss ties. This encounter occurred on the side lines of the Saudi-African Summit.

Discussion of Bilateral Cooperation

The leaders discussed various areas of cooperation and coordination in different fields. Their conversation aimed to enhance mutual relations.

High-Profile Attendance

Several key Saudi ministers attended the meeting. This included the Energy Minister, Interior Minister, and National Guard Minister alongside other ministers signifying the meeting’s importance.

Saudi-African Summit


At the gracious invitation of King Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi-African Summit was held on Friday, in Riyadh.

This historic summit, aimed at fostering relations in various fields, marks a significant turn in Africa’s ties with Saudi Arabia, the heart of the Islamic world.

Nigerian President Paul Ahmed Tinubu lauded Saudi Arabia’s commitment to Africa, underlining the historical and religious ties that bolster their relationship.

During the Saudi-African Summit, Sudan’s Transitional Council echoed the sentiment, recognizing Saudi Arabia as a key strategic partner, crucial for stability and prosperity in Africa.

Ivory Coast’s President validated the summit’s significance, affirming Saudi Arabia’s steadfast commitment to fostering African development.

Guinea’s focus is on enhancing sustainable development through strong Saudi-African relations, aiming for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Seychelles perceived the summit as a transformational shift in Saudi-African relations, opening doors to new cooperative opportunities.

Rwanda’s leader advocated for deeper economic and trade integration with Saudi Arabia, highlighting the potential benefits of such alliances.

Tanzania emphasized the importance of actualizing the summit’s outcomes to realize the collective vision of shared prosperity.

Zimbabwe viewed the summit as a landmark event, offering a chance to reinforce ties for future success.

The Central African Republic underscored the summit’s potential for fostering political and economic cooperation, vital for regional stability.

Kenya focused on exploiting natural resources to bolster investments and develop eco-friendly products, in partnership with Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi-African summit marks a milestone in trade cooperation with Saudi Arabia, heralding a future of enhanced economic and political stability in Africa.

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