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Rocks in the form of human faces appear in southern Saudi Arabia

Rocks in the form of human faces appear in southern Saudi Arabia

The Shada Mountain in the Al-Baha region of southern Saudi Arabia has several pictures of human faces carved by rocks.

The site is a geological museum that is unlike any other in any of the well-known and famous mountains since it is unique in these distinct shapes that tourists love.

“Mount Shada is not just a mountain like all the mountains,” said journalist and historian Nasser Al-Shadawi, “it is distinctive and distinguished by its geological structure, owing to which it has become a tourist destination from both inside and outside the Kingdom.”

“Mount Shada is also the appropriate site to bring in positive energy,” Al-Shadawi told, “since it puts you in front of the idea of inner calm and the experience of meditation.”

He further said “The mountain is considered exceptional in the multiplicity and quantity of bizarre formations that have emerged as a result of physicochemical processes over the ages.

“Among the rock forms formed over millions of years were the winged falcon rock, the fish rock, and the so-called ” Ramses Head Shada,” he said “.

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