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Rima Al-Juffali prepares for the final round of the Formula 3 race

Rima Juffali prepares for the final round of the Formula 3 race

Rima Al-Juffali, a Saudi driver, is prepared to compete in the final round of the Formula 3 race, which will take place at Donington Park Circuit on the 16th and 17th of October.

Saudi driver Rima Juffali

Reem underwent much intense training to improve her level and stamina over the past days in preparation for the competition.

“I observed the difference clearly from the beginning of the season, and I am now stronger physically and mentally, and I know that this will make me a better driver,” she said in statements to her.

Reem indicated that she had undergone a training program, which included a variety of activities, including strenuous exercise, long walks, and climbing, to reach this level.

She revealed that she made a lot of effort during this season, and her priority was to give her best at the end of the season race, stressing that she is competitive and ready to face new challenges.

She continued by expressing her excitement to watch how the Kingdom would host the world’s most prestigious motorsport event, the Formula One Grand Prix, which will take place in Jeddah on December 5.

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