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Red Sea Festival offers grants up to US$10m to filmmakers

The Red Sea Film Festival has begun to open the doors for creative filmmakers in Saudi Arabia, the Arab world, and Africa to present their projects related to documentaries, feature films, and even animated films.

The Red Sea Fund provides different funding grants to support more than 100 artistic projects for the film industry, with a value of up to US$10m.

Encouraging talent and creativity

The support comes to encourage artistic talents in the Arab world and Africa in filmmaking and production, including Scriptwriting, Photography, and Directing.

The Red Sea Fund supports technical projects in those three categories represented by the Red Sea Fund for Technical Projects Development. 

The second fund is related to production, as it supports technical projects that are ready for filming and production.

Art seminars and workshops

The festival will present a series of artistic seminars and workshops and hold sessions for communication and acquaintance between the participants.

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