Recovering 200,000 sqm of Encroachment on Grazing Lands and Forests in Asir

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, in cooperation with government agencies, has recovered more than 200,000 square meters of pasture and forest lands that were attacked in the Asir region, and the sites have been received and regulations are being implemented against the violators.

The ministry stated that the recovered lands included 100,000 square meters of pasture and forest lands that were attacked in the Shaaf Balqarn Center, 50,000 square meters in Al-Mada Center, in addition to 50,000 square meters in the Tathleeth Governorate.

Moreover, the Ministry affirmed that the regulations and legislation aim to strengthen the protection, control and protection of government lands, including pastures and forests, and rehabilitate vegetation cover, calling for preserving vegetation cover and not attacking pasture and forest lands.

 In addition, the Ministry aims to avoid tampering with their trees and plants, maintaining their cleanliness, and throwing waste in the designated places, urging everyone in the event of seeing any transgressions or infringements, to promptly report them through communication with the Ministry through official channels.

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