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Rafah Crossing Opens for Foreigners, Wounded from Gaza

A new group of wounded Palestinians from the Gaza Strip arrived in Egypt through the Rafah border crossing on Monday.

The crossing was also reopened for the passage of foreigners and dual nationals after a two-day closure.

Transfer of Wounded Palestinians

Six ambulances transferred the wounded to the Egyptian side of the crossing, where medical examinations were conducted within the crossing before transferring them to hospitals.

Official Statements

Wael Abu Omar, the spokesperson for the Rafah crossing from the Palestinian side, had previously stated that the crossing was decided to be opened for the passage of foreigners and dual nationals after coordinating the exit of the wounded.

Travel Restrictions

A Palestinian official statement mentioned that the General Authority for Crossings and Borders decided to open the crossing on Monday for foreigners and Egyptians whose names appeared in the latest rosters since November 1.

Those not listed in the rosters would not be allowed to travel, as informed by the Egyptian side.

Medical Evacuations

Mohamed Abu Salimia, director of the Al-Shifa Medical Complex, revealed that ambulances moved from the hospital towards the Rafah crossing on Monday afternoon, transferring injured and sick individuals for treatment in Egyptian hospitals.

This step was taken following coordination with the Red Cross to prevent targeting by Israel, as had occurred in the past.

The convoy carried 7 cases, including 5 wounded individuals and 2 children with tumors.

Temporary Suspension

The Crossings and Borders Authority in Gaza had decided on Saturday to suspend the exit of foreigners and dual nationals until the exit of the wounded from northern Gaza for treatment in Egypt was coordinated and to stop the targeting of Israeli ambulances carrying the wounded​​.

Humanitarian Efforts Amid Conflict

In the wake of ongoing hostilities, the opening of the crossing is a significant development for medical and humanitarian aid.

Egyptian authorities have received the first batch of wounded from Gaza, following a ceasefire that prevented the targeting of ambulances by Israeli aircraft​​.

Challenges in Medical Evacuation

The humanitarian efforts, however, have faced challenges following an incident where Israeli forces targeted ambulances.

The situation in Gaza remains dire, with the Rafah crossing functioning as a lifeline for foreign nationals and a passage for the wounded seeking medical treatment.

The unfolding events highlight the urgent need for continued and enhanced humanitarian assistance and the protection of medical services amidst conflict.

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