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Qassim Governor launches plastic art initiative to end visual pollution

Al-Qassim Governor inaugurates the initiative to treat visual distortion through plastic art

The governor of the Qassim Region, Prince Dr. Faisal bin Abdulaziz, launched an initiative today to treat visual distortion through plastic art. 


 It is affiliated to the Al-Mithnab Governorate Youth Committee, in partnership with the governorate’s municipality, which is implemented by a number of artists interested in plastic art. 


The initiative headquarters is located on the main road in Qassim’s Al-Mithnab Governorate, in the presence of a number of officials. 


12 members participated in the initiative to address visual distortion by harnessing their artistic and creative skills on the fences of the fields in the governorate. 


His Highness the Prince of Qassim expressed his appreciation for the artists participating in this initiative, indicating that he supports such initiatives that contribute to addressing visual distortion. 


His Highness also participated in one of the murals, praising the beautiful patriotic ideas it contained. 

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