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Putin hugs the Qur’an condemns its burning in Sweden

Putin hugs the Qur'an condemns its burning in Sweden

Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned the incident before the Istkolhom Mosque when a man tore up and burned the Qur’an.


During his visit to the “Friday” mosque in Derbent, the Russian President said, “The Patriarch of Russia always assures us that Muslims are our brothers,” and this is the case with us.

Footage showed the Russian President embracing the Holy Qur’an after it was given to him by the mosque imam.

Unlike in other countries, Putin emphasized that disrespecting the Qur’an in Russia is a crime.

The Russian president said: “Russia has high respect for the Qur’an and Muslims’ religious feelings, and the lack of respect for this holy book in Russia is a crime.”

He noted that this was not common in all countries.

Putin stressed that mutual respect and brotherhood between Christians and Muslims strengthen Russian unity.

On the morning of Eid al-Adha, a man tore up the Qur’an he was carrying and set it on fire at the Stockholm Central Mosque, for Sweden’s Muslims. This was after Swedish police granted permission to organize the “protest”.

Swedish police later charged the man with incitement against an ethnic or national group.

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