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Out-of-control Chinese rocket could hit ground on Saturday

The large Chinese rocket that is out of control and set to reenter Earth’s atmosphere sparked wide social media reactions around the world.

In an alarming event, the bulk of the Chinese propulsion rocket was out of control after being launched into space days ago, and headed towards Earth. Some estimates have indicated that it “has fallen below 300 km above sea level.”

Media reported that the Chinese “Long March 5B” missile passed over Iraq and Egypt on Tuesday.

The US Space Command announced that it was monitoring with concern the debris of the Chinese rocket, while the White House announced that the United States was ready to intercept the debris before it fell.

Last Thursday, China successfully launched launched the first unit of its Chinese Space Station (CSS). However, the Long March 5B rocket, has reached earth’s orbit.

The missile is likely to reach the ground on Saturday according to the US Department of Defense, and it is feared that it will fall in a populated area.

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