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No Guinness record yet for Mali mother who gave birth to 9

According to a hospital in Casablanca, Morocco, that witnessed an extraordinary case of a Malian mother giving birth to nine babies a month ago, all are in good health. However, doctors will observe them for another two months.

Halima Cissé, 25, from the Malian city of Timbuktu, gave birth in early May to five girls and four boys. She was transferred at the end of March from Bamako to Casablanca to receive more appropriate medical care due to pregnancy risks. A medical team of ten doctors, assisted by 25 medical staff, performed the cesarean operation.

The director of communications for the group that owns the Ain Barja Hospital in Casablanca, Abdel Quddous Hafsi, told AFP that the nine babies are no longer receiving any help from respirators after passing the risk stage.

He pointed out that the children were fed through a tube, and their weight recorded a remarkable increase to between 800g and 1.4kg. The mother had permission to leave the hospital but chose to stay near her children for emotional reasons since the return to Mali will not happen anytime soon. The up to two-month wait is also necessary from the travelling perspective, as only after that the children can start living without medical assistance.

Despite the remarkable number of babies, there has been no official confirmation that the multiple births have set a world record. For now, the medically confirmed record belongs to an American woman then aged 33 who gave birth to eight children at once in 2009.

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