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No Change on Expats’ Fees, Taxes in Saudi Arabia: Says Minister

Taha Sakr

Minister of Finance Mohammed Al-Jadaan has assured that the Saudi government has no intention to change expatriates fees, in an interview with Al-Arabiya.

Saudi Arabia has no intention to change expatriates fees according to statements out of the Saudi Minister of Finance Moahmmed Al-Jadaan in a televised interview dedicated to the Saudi channel of Al-Arabyia.

Regarding imposing new taxes, Al-Jadaan noted that the Saudi government will not impose new taxes or fees before conducting necessary studies about the financial and socio economic impacts of these taxes.

He further explained that Saudi Arabia has made milestone achievements in 2019 after the Saudi government’s success in enabling the private sector to engage more within the ongoing development projects in the country.

 “I hope to see more growth in 2020, the Saudi government aims to enable the private sector, being a key partner to achieving Saudi Vision 2030” he said.

On the support provided for small and medium enterprises, he asserted that the Saudi government would work on ensuring more financing opportunities for such type of firms.

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