NEOM Announces “Zenor” Project Implementation


NEOM’s board of directors announced the “Zenor” project, a resort being developed among the rocky landscape along the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. One of NEOM’s most recent developments, Zenor encompasses a number of areas, tourist attractions, and destinations.



NEOM Announces Zenor Tourism Project Implementation
NEOM Announces Zenor Tourism Project Implementation



Because of its unique position, “Zenor” stands out as an outstanding refuge that offers special experiences.  It provides its guests with perfect opportunity to unwind in front of nature and the magnificent shoreline. The resort offers utmost comforts and a distinctive entertainment atmosphere because of its architectural and interior features.


Zenor Project


Zenor’s Project approach focuses on providing exceptional coastal experiences.  It will provide a selection of the best contemporary services and experiences. It will include private pools, beachside relaxation lounges, fine dining, distinctive entertainment venues and world-class wellness and wellness facilities.

“Zenor” will also offer a wide range of shopping and entertainment options through upscale stores.  In addition, it will personalize experiences for members in cooperation with partners who own the world’s leading brands in fashion fields.

“Zenor” Project embodies a living example of a beach resort that provides unforgettable moments. It will redefine tourist experiences in a complementary manner between the magic of nature and indoor and outdoor facilities.

In line with NEOM’s commitment to preserving nature, “Zenor” will be developed and completed in an innovative and sustainable way that is in harmony with its coastal location.


Neoms New Visions

One of the key aspects of NEOM’s vision is to become a global leader in renewable energy. These visions include a focus on sustainability, technology, and innovation.

Furthermore, NEOM also plans to prioritize technology and innovation, with a focus on creating a “smart city” that utilizes cutting-edge technologies to improve the quality of life for its residents.


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