National Education is planning to expand presence in Saudi Arabia

The National Company for Learning & Education (NCLE) is planning to expand presence across the Kingdom, Vice Chairman and Managing Director Khalid Al-Khudair told CNBC Arabia on Wednesday.

“The company is developing three sites in the Eastern Province,” Al-Khudair said.

Al-Khudair expects that the new education companies will be announced in the local market, excluding the unsuccessful schools.

“The private education sector is seeing mergers and acquisitions. Only the major and strong schools will survive,” he added.

Saudi households spend SAR 18 billion annually on education, with the education costs per student exceeding SAR 100,000 in some regions. The middle-income households also allocate 30 percent of its income for education.

. The Kingdom has almost 5,500 private schools, they are focusing on the quality of services amid growing demand of Saudi households, Al-Khudair concluded.

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