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Music Commission Launches Oud House in Riyadh

Music Commission Launches Oud House in Riyadh

The Music Commission of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Oud House, led by the Maestro Naseer Shamma, inaugurated today the Oud House in Riyadh, one of the Arab Oud House’s branches in different parts of the world.


The institution teaches techniques for playing oud and other musical instruments, such as flute, bezek, cello, and violin, among others. It helps spread Arabic culture and awareness about the importance of the oud and builds a global community of professional oud players.


The Arab Oud House’s curriculum entails studying various musical-playing techniques, equipping students to understand musical compositions, different music schools, and musical symbols. After a period of training and rehearsals, students may participate in concerts.


The establishment of Riyadh Oud House is part of the Music Commission’s efforts to attract regional and international musical cadres and establish curricula of international standards. The goal is to boost the music industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, develop it, and train and empower local talent.


The Music Commission invites all those interested in learning OUD playing techniques to register at Registration is open from August 22 to September 21.

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