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Ministerial Delegation of Arab-Islamic Summit Meets UN Sec.-Gen.

Farhan Leads Ministerial Delegation of Arab-Islamic Summit

The Ministerial Delegation of Arab-Islamic Summit met with Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) Antonio Guterres to address the escalating situation in the Gaza Strip. The meeting took place in Geneva, Switzerland, and it was chaired by Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah.

The session included significant international figures like Ayman Safadi, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Jordan, and Sameh Shoukry, Foreign Minister of Egypt. Retno Marsudi, Foreign Minister of Indonesia, and Riyad al-Maliki, Minister for Expatriates of Palestine, were present at the meeting.

This gathering underscored the international community’s concern and commitment to addressing the ongoing conflict and its humanitarian implications.

Arab-Islamic Summit Condemns Israeli Aggression

The committee focused on the grave situation in Gaza, particularly the Israeli military actions against civilians. The members unanimously condemned these acts, emphasizing the urgency of a ceasefire and the protection of civilians under international humanitarian law. This stance reflects a global call for peace and highlights the need for adherence to humanitarian principles in conflict zones. Moreover, the committee’s unified voice against aggression demonstrates a strong international consensus on the issue.

Arab-Islamic Summit Addresses Humanitarian Crisis & Violations

Furthermore, the Arab-Islamic Summit stressed the critical situation in Gaza, hampered by Israeli violations that worsen the humanitarian crisis. They called for accountability for these continuous violations, which defy international and humanitarian laws. The discussion highlighted the desperate need for humanitarian aid in Gaza and the importance of unimpeded aid delivery.

This part of the meeting underscores the broader implications of the conflict. In addition, it extends beyond immediate security concerns to encompass human rights and humanitarian issues. The gathering underscored the international community’s concern and commitment to addressing the ongoing conflict and its humanitarian implications.

Besides, the Arab-Islamic Summit demanded action against the flagrant violations by the Israeli forces against the Palestinian people. They stressed that this exacerbates the humanitarian crisis and hinders the delivery of urgent humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza Strip.

Rejection of Forced Displacement & Worship Restrictions

The committee firmly rejected any forced displacement actions by Israeli forces, reiterating their commitment to upholding international law. Besides, they addressed the restrictions on religious freedoms in Jerusalem, noting how these actions fuel further conflict. This discussion points to the broader cultural and religious dimensions of conflict, underlining the importance of preserving religious freedoms and cultural heritage in conflict resolution.

Advocating for Palestinian State & Unified Approach

Finally, the Arab-Islamic Summit highlighted the necessity of establishing a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, as per international resolutions. They opposed any attempts to fragment the Palestinian issue, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive approach to Gaza’s future.

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