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Meet Aseel Al-Hamad… the first Saudi woman to drive a Formula car

By Taha Sakr

In a first-of-its-kind incident and within the context of the radical developments taking place in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi female Aseel Al-Hamad was granted membership in the Saudi Automobile and Touring Association (SATA) as the first woman in the country to obtain this rank.

According to the Saudi newspaper of “Ajel”, Aseel Al-Hamad is a member of the Women’s Motorsports Committee, established by the FIA, as well as being the first woman to import a Ferrari to Saudi Arabia.

Aseel took a long journey to reach this wonderful point today, which she described saying: “I feel like I was born in the right era to fulfill my dream of joining the Formula One race”.

Among the prominent Saudi female figures in this field is Rima Al-Juffali, the first Saudi in history who sat behind the wheel of her electric car with a four-wheel drive system, to be the first Saudi woman to compete in a speed race in the Kingdom within the activities of the Diriyah Festival.

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