Know more about “Saudi Super 2030”, the unique car in the World

After very few weeks have passed since its disclosure in the Riyadh season of 2019, an online video to review and test the only Saudi supercar of its kind in the world, spread over the Internet, as this video was presented by Supercar Blondie, a car specialist on YouTube.

This car was specially designed for the Riyadh season, and it is designed by the Italian company CFG Style, which is specialized in designing prototypes and test cars.

The CFG Style was founded by Giorgio Giugiaro, the famous designer who was given the title “Designer of the Century” in 1999, one of his most famous designs is the Delorian, which gained worldwide fame after its appearance as a time machine in the movies’ series “Back to the Future”.

As for the superb 2030, it turns out that it is equipped with two electric motors with a total power of 504 hp and 580 Nm of torque. With these specifications, the car can move from stability to a speed of 100 km / h in just 3.5 seconds.

The weight of this unique supercar is 1900 kg, thanks to the use of carbon fiber in the design of its structure and many parts of it. It also turned out that the car is equipped with a powerful battery that can provide energy to the electric motors of the car to cover a maximum distance of 365 km.

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