Mawhiba Launches 14th Saudi National Program for Gifted Students

The King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity (Mawhiba) has launched the 14th Saudi National Program to identify and support gifted Saudi students in the fields of science and technology. This program aims to provide these exceptional individuals with the necessary resources and enrichment opportunities to maximize their potential and make a significant impact on the Kingdom’s future.

Discovering the Gifted: The Journey Begins

The 14th Saudi National Program is an exciting initiative that seeks to identify and support gifted Saudi students who demonstrate exceptional abilities in science and technology. The program, a joint collaboration between Mawhiba, the Saudi Ministry of Education, and the Education and Training Evaluation Commission represented by the National Center for Assessment (Qiyas), aims to create a platform for these talented individuals to excel and contribute to the Kingdom’s progress.

Saad Awad Al-Harbi, the ministry’s undersecretary for educational programs, expressed the significance of this program, stating, “This marks the starting point of another journey in discovering gifted students in the Kingdom. Once they are discovered, gifted students go through specific enrichment programs. Those students are of great importance and value as we expect they will have a positive major impact on the Kingdom’s future growth.”

Mawhiba Ability Tests

To identify the gifted students, Mawhiba will be conducting ability tests offered in both Arabic and English at Qiyas centers throughout the Kingdom. These tests will be administered from December 3 to January 18, with the results announced on March 13. Students who excel in these tests will be selected to participate in specialized enrichment programs tailored to their unique talents and interests.

Basil Al-Sadhan, Mawhiba’s deputy secretary-general, commended the high standard of student nominations in the previous program, emphasizing the importance of recognizing giftedness in various fields. He stated, “This year, we are expanding the scope of discovering gifted students by identifying gifted students in other fields including artistic, oratorical, and any other fields outside the scope of science and mathematics.” This expansion ensures that talented individuals across a wide range of disciplines will have the opportunity to showcase their abilities and contribute to Saudi Arabia’s cultural and intellectual landscape.

Moreover, The Program for Gifted Identification, initiated in 2011, reflects the Kingdom’s commitment to invest in gifted individuals to drive human prosperity and sustainable development. Over the years, it has garnered significant attention, with more than 500,000 students taking the Mawhiba ability test. Out of these, 186,000 students have received support and enrichment opportunities, helping them unlock their full potential. 

The Impact of Giftedness: Driving Future Growth

The 14th Saudi National Program recognizes the immense value and potential that gifted individuals possess. These individuals, with their exceptional abilities and talents, have the capacity to shape the Kingdom’s future growth and development. By nurturing their skills, providing them with opportunities for intellectual and personal growth, and connecting them with a network of like-minded individuals, Saudi Arabia can harness their creativity and innovative thinking to address complex challenges and drive progress across various sectors.

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