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LIBYA’s Dabaiba rejects the electoral law

Libyan Parliament votes unanimously on the draft roadmap
Libyan Parliament votes unanimously on the draft roadmap

Abdel Hamid Dabaiba, the Prime Minister of the National Unity Government, has stated that parliamentary and presidential elections would not be held in compliance with the regulations passed by Parliament.

“The Libyan people want elections,” Dabaiba stated in a speech while overseeing the formation of the National Youth Council, “but not with defective legislation customized to particular individuals, but rather with a constitutional rule that everyone agrees on.”

“We cannot be pleased with this faulty law,” he added, stressing that the elections are “undergoing a major difficulty.”

Unnamed parties, according to Dabaiba, are causing problems to hinder the polls, adding that Libyans want a fair parliament and elections based on fair rules.

“We want elections with a clear constitutional framework on which everyone agrees,” he said.

Regarding his presidential campaign, Dabaiba stated that he will declare his candidacy at the appropriate time, emphasizing that his decision belongs to the Libyan youth, saying, “You are the ones who determine my candidacy.”

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