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Libyan Parliament votes unanimously on the draft roadmap

The Libyan House of Representatives, during its official session, held recently, headed by Speaker Aguila Saleh, voted unanimously on the draft decision of the Roadmap Committee formed by Parliament.

The first article stipulated – according to the official Libyan News Agency – the adoption of the road map submitted by the committee formed by Parliament, so that the electoral process takes place within a period not exceeding 14 months from the date of the constitutional amendment.

The second article of the draft resolution recommended the Road Map Committee, in consultation with the State Council Committee, to present the final version of the constitutional amendment.

It also includes a precise definition of the articles required to achieve electoral entitlement within a framework not exceeding the time specified in the first article of the draft resolution, provided that this be done within a maximum period of one week in conjunction with granting confidence to the government.

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