According to one of Lebanon’s politicians, the country is at the  verge and could sink like Titanic if a new government isn’t formed.

“The whole country is in danger, the whole country is the Titanic,” Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri said.

Adding, “If the ship sinks, there’ll be no-one left.”

It has been over seven months now that Lebanon has been without a government.

The previous administration resigned in the wake of the devastating explosion at Beirut’s port.

The disaster compounded an economic crisis that has left half the population living in poverty and prompted mass protests demanding the removal of a political elite they accuse of corruption, mismanagement and negligence.

The top politician’s stark warning came on Monday as he opened a parliamentary session that was called to approve an emergency loan of $200m (£145m) to keep Lebanon’s lights on for at least two months.

The state-run electricity company, Electricity of Lebanon (EDL), needs the money to pay for fuel for power plants beyond the end of this month.

Lebanon’s four main plants had to shut down because of a lack of gas oil. EDL blamed problems with the unloading of a tanker and the blockage of the Suez canal.

To carry out the reforms demanded of it by the international community, Lebanese parliament needs to form a new government.

For the past few months, political leaders have been arguing over the make-up of a new cabinet, while at the same time Lebanon’s crisis has deepened with soaring prices on basic commodities.

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