Learn more: programs that support women in the Kingdom

The women’s support programs in Saudi Arabia are some of the most prominent measurements to help working women in all sectors.

The Kingdom believes in women’s unique leadership role and its effective impact in advancing economic growth, following the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

On this occasion, the Entrepreneurs website reviews the most prominent programs to support women in the Kingdom; which comes as follows:

Qurra program

The program provides support to the children of working women by providing appropriate care for their children. It aims to raise the participation rate of working women in the labour market and her continuation while the care provided to her children is guaranteed.

Working mothers have to register their children in licensed child hospitality centres, and the program bears a percentage of the registration fees.

This percentage amounts to a maximum of SR$800 per month for one child until he reaches the age of 4 years, provided that the rate of support decreases gradually as follows:

  • 80% in the first year
  • 60% for the second year
  • 50% for the third year
  • 40% for the fourth year

Wasul Program

Wasul aims to enable women to work in the private sector and raise their participation in the labour market. It helps the employee to overcome transportation issues to and from the workplace. That supports women’s job stability.

The program works to provide transportation service of high quality and at a reasonable cost. It is considered one of the most important programs to support women in the Kingdom.

Freelance program

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development aims to reach income seekers and self-employed workers. It also aims to raise their productivity, skills, and experience in an appropriate, stable, and productive work environment.

Wage Protection Program

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development launched the first phase of the wage protection system new updates. 

The Wages Protection System is one of the Ministry’s programs that provides an appropriate and safe work environment in the private sector, raising transparency and preserving the rights of the contracting parties.

The system monitors wage payments for all male and female workers in the private sector (Saudis and expatriates). It measures the extent to which establishments are committed to paying wages on time and at the salary agreed upon between the contracting parties. It aims to reduce wage disputes between establishments and workers in the private sector.

The National Platform for Women Leaders

It is one of the most prominent women’s support programs in the Kingdom. It is an interactive national platform and one of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social

Development initiatives.

The platform contains a database for female workers to facilitate their access to the public or private sector and civil society institutions. It also documents women’s success stories. 

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