KSrelief Masam Project Dismantles over 1,336 Mines in Yemen during One Week

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) (Masam) initiative was able during the second week of June to clear Yemeni fields of mines, extracting 1,336 mines laid by the Houthi militia in various parts of Yemen.

In Aden governorate, Masam’s team cleared 128 anti-tank mines and 387 unexploded ordnance, as well as one anti-personnel mine and one unexploded ammunition in Qataba district in Al-Dhalea governorate. Seven unexploded ordnance, seven anti-tank mines, and three anti-mine mines in Al Hudaydah governorate were cleared. In addition, 29 anti-tank mines were removed from the Hays district and 17 anti-tank mines were removed from the Mudaraba district in the Lahj governorate for people in the Al-Khokha region.

Masam’s crew removed two anti-tank mines in Al Wadi district, 30 anti-personnel mines, one anti-tank mine, one explosive device in Harib area, and 500 unexploded ordnance in Ma’rib district.

In the Shabwa governorate, 14 anti-tank mines and a mine were also removed. One anti-personnel mine was removed from Ayn district, four anti-tank mines were removed from Baihan district, and seven anti-tank mines were removed from Usaylan district.

Masam’s team in Taiz was successful in removing 9 anti-tank mines in Al-Wazia, 12 anti-tank mines and 146 unexploded ordnance in Mocha, 3 antipersonnel mines, 19 anti-tank mines, and 7 unexploded ordnance in Dhabab, as well as 3 antipersonnel mines, 19 anti-tank mines, and 7 unexploded ordnance in Dhabab.

This brings the overall number of mines cleared in June to 2,773, bringing the total number of mines removed since the “Masam” initiative’s inception to 345,147. The Houthi militia planted mines at random around Yemen to kill more civilians, including children, women, and the elderly. While the Kingdom, via the King Salman Center for Relief, continues to clear Yemeni lands of mines and contribute to the initiative’s goal of helping Yemeni brethren live better lives.

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