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KSA to Celebrate Founding Day Tomorrow

Saudi Arabian Founding Day

Saudi Arabia will celebrate the “Founding Day” tomorrow on Thursday, 12 Shaban 1445H, corresponding to February 22, 2024. This day remarks the founding of the Saudi state in the mid-year of 1139H (1727 AD) by Imam Mohammed bin Saud.

Founding Day: Reflection on Saudi Arabia’s Evolution

The celebration of Founding Day serves as a reminder of Saudi Arabia’s journey. Moreover, this day is a testament to the nation’s resilience and unity, continuing a legacy that began in 1727. The Kingdom has faced challenges but maintained societal security and cohesion.

The state bin Saud founded was marked by significant social, political, economic, and cultural events. He shaped the life of the Arabian Peninsula under the rule of the first Saudi state.

Cultural Celebrations & National Unity

This national occasion embodies a deep sense of pride in the rooted history and heritage of this blessed state. Additionally, Saudi citizens take immense pride in this rich historical heritage established. This historical journey continued under the rule of Imam Turki bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud, the founder of the second Saudi state.

Furthermore, King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud unified Saudi Arabia and led to the country’s development and prosperity. He also brought Saudi Arabia to its current state of internal progress and distinguished status both regionally and globally. His legacy, advanced by his sons and now under King Salman and his Crown Prince, showcases the Kingdom’s resilience and strength.

Studying History through Founding Day

The Founding Day is an opportunity to revisit three centuries of history since the establishment of the Saudi state. This history, recorded in books, shows the state’s evolution over centuries, focusing on societal security and service to the Holy Mosques. Despite challenges, KSA’s national unity and strength have been key to its continuity since 1727. It was the reason for thwarting external threats and preserving social cohesion.

Celebrating National Unity

In conjunction with this national occasion, cities across KSA host various cultural and artistic events. The cities celebrate the profound history left by the nation’s leaders. Moreover, these events reflect the chapters of prosperity and hardship the country has endured. The Founding Day shows how KSA maintained its resilience and Arab identity.

The Founding Day reinforces the concept of national unity, characterized by a strong bond between the people and their wise leadership. Under King Salman and his Crown Prince, Saudi Arabia is undergoing a transformative renaissance, fueled by the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030.

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