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KSA inaugurates a new Salwa border crossing ahead of the World Cup in Qatar

KSA inaugurates a new Salwa border crossing ahead of the World Cup in Qatar

The Governor of the Eastern Province, Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, inaugurated this morning, Monday, the Salwa border port with Qatar, after expanding it and increasing its capacity.

The Governor of the Eastern Province witnessed the trial operation of the passenger section at the new port, which was expanded by 6 times its capacity previously.

The prince emphasized during the ceremony that “Saudi Arabia is witnessing developmental leaps in various fields that have contributed to achieving sustainable development,

It was evident through the professional implementation of many vital projects for Saudi Arabia to become the focus of the world’s attention.”

the official stated, that the new Salwa port “will help to facilitate the circulation of vehicles and travelers,” in addition to its role in increasing the amount of commercial trade and economic connections between the two friendly countries.

Boosting Passenger Traffic

During this event, Engineer Suhail Abanmi, the Governor of the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority confirmed that the new port will play a significant role in expanding commercial exchange volume between the two countries as well as the movement of vehicles and travelers.

It is noteworthy that this opening will help increase the port’s capacity for cars entering and departing to 12,000 vehicles per way from just 3,000 vehicles before the completion of the extension works.

Salwa port is one of the most important border ports in the Kingdom, and it witnesses the exchange of goods and the transit of individuals between Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Its importance is now increasing with the FIFA World Cup being held in Qatar next November, as it will be an important link for travelers from all over the world.

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