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KSA and Ukraine Sign a Cooperation Agreement in Air Transport Services

The President of the General Civil Aviation Authority, Mr. Abdul Hadi bin Ahmed Al-Mansouri, signed – via video call – a cooperation agreement in the field of air transport services between the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Council of Ministers of Ukraine – represented by the head of the Ukrainian State Administration of Aviation Oleksandr Belchuk – at the headquarters of the authority in Riyadh.

The signed agreement included a number of regulatory provisions related to the multiplicity of designating national carriers for both countries, aspects related to ensuring air safety, aviation security, the schedule of routes to be operated, and other items that enhance cooperation in air transport services.

Noteworthy, the General Authority for Civil Aviation seeks to develop air transport according to the latest international standards. This is in order to strengthen the Kingdom’s position internationally as an influential party in the international civil aviation industry; to achieve economic growth and sustainability; to apply systems, regulations and procedures to ensure the safety of air transport, and to build a modern airport system with the latest and advanced services.

The air transport sector is a substantial contributor to Ukraine’s economy. There are different ways of measuring air transport’s impact on an economy; the jobs and spending generated by airlines and their supply chain; the flows of trade, tourism and investment resulting from users of all airlines serving the country, and the city pair connections that make these flows possible. All provide a different but illuminating perspective on the importance of air transport.

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