Know the story of the only Saudi knight in Khalidiya race

The Saudi Arabian knight, Abrar Al-Abd Al-Qadir, holds a BA in English Literature and Translation, and Professional Certificates in Project Management and Risk Management.

A Saudi female rider qualified for the eighty-kilometer stage in the Khalidiya race, after she had passed all the previous stages well and deservedly, in a new achievement for Saudi women, as she reached the “40” stage, Friday, after she recently participated in the race for a distance of 40 km, which is the woman The only one in the competitions.

The Saudi Arabian knight, Abrar Al-Abd Al-Qader, holds a BA in English Literature and Translation, and Professional Certificates in Project Management and Risk Management. She spoke to by saying: “Equestrian is a world that once you put your foot in it, it is difficult to get out of it. Every minute you spend near the horse teaches you something new, and it enhances patience, strength of character, skill of focus, and self-confidence, not to mention the physical benefits such as straightening the back and strengthening Muscle and calories burned. “

She added: “I learned a lot in the world of horses, the horse is a wonderful creature that makes you feel strong and in control, and as soon as you gain his trust and there is a solid relationship between you and him, wonderful communication and harmony will occur, and whenever you give him love, respect and trust, he will return it to you many times over, and equestrian is a sport that raises you to the level of fitness and muscle flexibility that make you ready for any other sport. “

She continued: “Saudi women today have their ambitions reaching the sky, and I am very proud to see many Saudi women practicing equestrian, despite the scarcity of resources. One of the most important factors of success for any rider who wants to become professional in equestrian fitness and maintain weight, and I learn every day something new in the equestrian world. “.

The Saudi Knight

She continued: “I grew up in a family that had nothing to do with the equestrian world, so it was difficult to communicate and explain the extent of my attachment to horses, and they always see the effort I put into my journey to learn equestrian and the difficulties I went through, and the frequent travels to gain more knowledge, then they realized that it was my hobby.”

 So they supported me morally until I became what I am in today, and for the society in which I live in Al-Ahsa, eastern Saudi Arabia, it still finds it difficult for the girl to enter the equestrian world, and to participate in international races and forums, where she is restricted, which causes a lot of frustration for the Saudi knight.

There is a difficulty in reaching the platforms, but now we hope for many changes in favor of the Saudi knight in Al-Ahsa, with new blood presiding over the decision-making positions, and in light of the vision of the new kingdom, which enables Saudi women in all fields, as they have proven their superiority at all levels.

She said: “I look forward to empowering the female component in this noble sport, and to participate in international races, either in sprints, show jumping or marathons, so we are in the process of opening a women’s equestrian school in Al-Ahsa with high quality standards and teaching a professional curriculum, and on the personal level, I hope to represent Saudi Arabia.” in domestic and international races. “

She concluded her speech: “Since ancient times, true equestrian people have been distinguished by courage, telling truth and strength in the face of difficulties. You find them generous in giving their knowledge, happy for the happiness of others, do not live in the shadows, and take the initiative of good.”

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