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Al-Jubeir: I give Saudi Arabia’s efforts A+rating in dealing with the epidemic

The Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Adel Al-Jubeir, said that his country was working transparently in the face of the Coronavirus, and that the Kingdom’s priority was to save lives.

Al-Jubeir added, in an interview prior to the G20 summit held on Saturday and Sunday in Riyadh, that without bias, “I grant the efforts that the Kingdom has provided an E + mark or an excellent mark.”

“What we learned during this pandemic is that together, we can achieve much more than we will achieve alone,” Al-Jubeir added.

He explained that the Group of Twenty has contributed about 20 billion dollars to find a vaccine, more than 11 trillion dollars to stabilize the global financial and economic systems, and allocate 230 million dollars to restructure the debts of poor countries, he said.

The Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs indicated that the summit will focus on a set of challenges facing the world, “such as artificial intelligence and job creation.”

As of Friday, the total number of Coronavirus cases registered in the Kingdom reached 354,813 confirmed cases, while the total death toll reached 5745 deaths.

Recently, Saudi Arabia has recorded low daily rates of injuries and deaths caused by the Corona virus.

 Fauci: This is the most important thing that must be done to curb the spread of the Coronavirus

Here is a comparison of the number of corona deaths with the number of deaths due to other causes in America

Here is a comparison of the number of corona deaths with the number of deaths due to other causes in America

In less than 10 months, the new Corona virus has killed a large number of people compared to the suicides, strokes and car accidents that all usually occur together within a year. Here is a comparison of the number of corona deaths with the number of deaths due to other causes in America.

Saudi Arabia is the second largest country in the Arab world with a of 34 millions in which non Saudis represent 37% Most of the population in the country is in the middle age group of 15–64 while those in the age groups of 0–14 and 65 make up 32.4% and 2.8%, respectively. The healthcare services in Saudi Arabia are provided for free to the general public through the Ministry of Health, military hospitals, and other government-sponsored hospitals.

The private sector also has a wide network of for-profit hospitals throughout the country. Collectively, the number of beds per 1000 population in Saudi Arabia is at 2.2. Nonetheless, the Saudi vision 2030 is considering fundamental structural changes in the healthcare sector to meet the growing demand for health care services in the kingdom.

 Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that could have a serious impact during such global pandemic; because millions of Muslim from all over the world visits Saudi Arabia for Umrah and Hajj, which are considered among the largest global mass gatherings. Umrah is an Islamic rituals performed by thousands of Muslims daily in the city of Makkah while Hajj is an annual pilgrimage to the holy sites in Makkah that lasts for 5 days. Hajj is performed on average by more than 2 million Muslims annually.

The pilgrims are visiting Saudi Arabia from across the globe, making the country a serious hotspot for spreading pandemics. In addition, businesses, international investments, growing tourism, and major project for the country Vision 2030 make Saudi Arabia an active travel destination.

 Although the government of Saudi Arabia undertakes enormous efforts each year to ensure the healthiness, safety and security of pilgrims, Umrah and Hajj still represent a high risk for spreading infectious diseases globally. Saudi Arabia is also one of the signatory on the WHO International Health Regulation (IHR; 2005) and has been reporting on pandemic preparedness ever since and following the WHO policies on infection prevention and control (IPC).

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