Kingdom Bids to Host 11th World Water Forum in 2027

Significance of World Water Forum

The Kingdom officially applied to host the 11th session of the World Water Forum in Riyadh in 2027. This move emphasizes its commitment to water resource sustainability and quality of life improvement.

It aims to meet the Sustainable Development Goals and continue its leadership in addressing water issues regionally and globally.

Significance of World Water Forum

The World Water Forum, organized by the World Water Council, is the largest event in water management. It gathers governments, organizations, officials, and experts to exchange expertise and foster cooperation. The aim is to develop the sector and ensure its sustainability.

Platform for Collaboration

The forum serves as a platform for exchanging ideas, knowledge, and collaboration worldwide. It presents opportunities to discuss best international practices and find cooperation means. These efforts ensure the sustainable management of water resources globally.

Kingdom’s Candidacy Amidst Water Scarcity

Despite being one of the countries with the scarcest water resources, the Kingdom applied to host the forum. It boasts modern infrastructure, regulations, and legislation governing the sector.

The National Water Strategy is a roadmap outlining the future, addressing challenges, and providing comprehensive institutional and structural frameworks.

This includes empowering mechanisms and effective execution plans. The water system aims to preserve, develop, protect, and ensure the sustainability, management, regulation, and rights related to water resources.

It also guarantees the provision of safe, clean, reliable, high-quality water supplies at competitive prices, ensuring fairness among consumers.

Enhancing Private Sector Participation

The new water system enhances private sector participation in activities. It contributes to achieving the goal of providing every individual with clean, safe, and standard-compliant water. It meets natural needs in line with approved standards, plans, and programs.

Moreover, it ensures water supply provision for all developmental sectors, including agriculture. This ensures the sustainability of this vital sector, aligning with the objectives of Vision 2030 of the Kingdom.


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