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King Salman confirms on a founding day that cohesion is the basis of this country

King Salman confirms on the founding day that cohesion are the basis of this country

King Salman said, on Wednesday that his country “remembers with pride the memory of (the founding day), which expresses about 3 centuries from the establishment of this blessed state in 1727.”


King Salman added in a tweet on Twitter: “During it, we experienced various challenges, and we overcame all crises.”


He also stressed that «(cohesion and stability) was the basis that embodies the legacy of this country, land and people».


Saudi Arabia, during the reign of King Salman, is witnessing the largest and broadest structural reform process in its history.


In his custody, Saudi Arabia achieved advanced international rankings.

it ranked first in the world in the macroeconomic stability index and first place in road quality.


KSA’s achievements during the reign of King Salman


It achieved 26th place in the world in global competitiveness.


the kingdom became the second in the Arab world and the thirty-sixth in the world in the list of countries with very high human development.


This was according to the Human Development Report issued by the UN Development Program for the year 2019.

The field of scientific research


The Saudi Kingdom advanced to 29th place in the world, with the most share of countries in scientific research.


For the third year in a row, it maintained its position among the countries with the most achievements in scientific research globally.


The Kingdom ranked 15th in the world in the rate of helping strangers and ranked 50th in helping others with money.


KSA ranked ninth in the world in terms of natural gas production, with about 112.1 billion cubic meters.


Saudi Arabia’s ranking improved in the United Nations e-government readiness index, as it ranked 41st in the world among 193 countries.


The Kingdom also ranked fifth in the world, out of 140 countries, in the mobile Internet bandwidth speed index.


It made remarkable progress in the e-government development index, ranking 36 globally out of 193 countries.

The Telecom Infrastructure Index ranked 27th in the world.


Riyadh ranked third in the world, in 5G networks and their speed in the world.


It also ranked sixth in the world among the countries with the fastest data download speed in the fifth-generation networks.


In the Global Digital Competitiveness Index for 2020, Saudi Arabia moved up five places to rank 34.


KSA ranked seventh in terms of its economic strength.

it ranked ninth in the world in terms of the international influence index.


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