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Twitter celebrates founding day with Saudi people

Twitter participated in the celebration of the founding day in its own way, by changing the shape of the heart into the foundation slogan for those inside the Kingdom.


The incorporation slogan appears at the moment of clicking on the like button.

The like button immediately turns into a heart for liking any tweet on the famous site.


The Saudis wore old traditional costumes on a founding day.

Photographers race to capture those scenes that showed the aesthetics of the founding day.


Saudi Arabia celebrates the anniversary of the founding of the Saudi state on this day, February 22, 2023, each year.

this date is corresponding to the year of incorporation by Imam Muhammad bin Saud which was 1727


The founding day is a national occasion of a festive nature, in which the people evoke the march of 3 centuries ago.

The Saudi people memorize the events and positions immortalized in the history and biographies of that day.


The features of the Saudi state emerged throughout the Arabian Peninsula, as it was not a nascent state.


the Saudi state was formed over centuries and consolidated the foundations of a cohesive state that established governance.


Saudi Arabia has also made the security of society at the forefront of its concerns, along with serving the Two Holy Mosques and achieving a luxurious life for society.

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