King Salman attends the “Saudi Cup” activities, the most expensive horse race in the world

The Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, attended recently at the end of the first copy of a world horse racing championship hosted by the Saudi capital Riyadh.

The king presented the prizes to the winners.

Video footage broadcast by the official media showed the Saudi monarch in the race track bearing the name of the country’s founder, “King Abdulaziz”, in a symbolic reference to the status of horse sport in the history of the Gulf country.

The king waved to a number of attendees who chanted to him from the track, in welcoming phrases, before sitting in a dedicated place on the platform overseeing the race track, whose prizes exceed $ 29 million, and is considered one of the most prestigious horse racing awards in the world.

The King handed the 20-million-dollar championship trophy named after Saudi Arabia to the first-winning horse owner, after two days of competitions, in which knights participated in horses of international fame.

The US horse, “Maximum Security”, owned by “Colmore”, came first in the championship, after its knight, “GB Magnet”, outperformed competitors from Saudi Arabia, Britain, Japan, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, the United States and France.

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