King Fahd Specialist Hospital Achieves Global Achievement

Advanced Techniques in Organ Transplantation

At the King Fahd Specialist Hospital in Dammam, a medical team has set a global benchmark. They successfully performed three liver transplants. These involved two young children and one adult, using a novel approach with six operating rooms.

Advanced Techniques in Organ Transplantation

Dr. Mohammed Al Qahtani, at the helm of the Organ Transplant Center, shared insights into their methods. The team  at the King Fahd Specialist Hospital skillfully blended sequential and dual-exchange transplantation with liver donations. This complex process involved multiple advanced techniques.

Remarkable Donor Contributions

A notable aspect was a non-relative’s altruistic liver donation to a young girl. This was due to her incompatibility with her father’s liver. Subsequently, two simultaneous transplants were conducted. One was for a two and a half year old girl, receiving her mother’s liver. Moreover, the other was for an adult, marking a significant achievement in transplant complexity.

Surgical Challenges and Solutions

The operations’ success hinged on precise surgical techniques. In addition, the small size of the children’s organs added to the complexity. The team’s expertise in delicate vascular connections was crucial. This expertise ensured successful transplants in these challenging cases.

Innovative Approach in Liver Transplantation

The third transplant showcased innovation. It involved transplanting the liver from the second child to an adult without a donor. This adult also received part of the liver from the first child’s father. This dual liver transplant was a complex, yet successful endeavor.

Pioneering Technique in Organ Transplantation

The successful completion of these transplants is a medical milestone. It represents a pioneering technique in the field of organ transplantation. It highlights the advanced medical capabilities and innovation in Saudi Arabia. This technique, known as “Mixed Living Donor Liver Transplantation,” incorporates both domino and live donor transplants.


Photo Gallery: King Fahad Specialist Hospital - Dammam

Impact on Global Transplantation Practices

This achievement has far-reaching implications. It sets new standards in liver transplantation worldwide. It demonstrates the potential of combining various transplantation techniques. Furthermore, this approach can potentially increase the success rates of similar surgeries globally.

Enhancing Medical Expertise

Such medical advancements  at the King Fahd Specialist Hospital contribute significantly to the medical field. They enhance the skills and knowledge of medical professionals. They also offer hope to patients needing complex transplant surgeries.

Setting New Global Benchmark

In conclusion, Saudi Arabia, with this achievement, has positioned itself as a leader in organ transplantation. The country is now at the forefront of innovative medical solutions. This success story of the King Fahd Specialist Hospital is an inspiration for medical communities worldwide. It encourages further research and development in organ transplantation.

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