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Jeddah to Host Jeddah Book Fair

From December 7 to 16,  Jeddah will host Jeddah Book Fair. It’s part of a strategic initiative to expand book fairs across the Kingdom.

These fairs are cultural windows that bring together literature, publishing, and translation professionals with readers and enthusiasts.

 400 Publishing Houses Gather in Jeddah

The 2023 edition of the Jeddah Book Fair will see participation from around 400 local, Arab, and international publishing houses.

The fair’s cultural program promises a rich assortment of cultural and educational activities and events, offering a comprehensive cultural experience for all segments of society.

A Cultural Feast: Lectures, Workshops, and More

The fair in Jeddah will feature lectures, cultural workshops, seminars with elite experts and intellectuals, poetry evenings, theatrical performances.

It will also include educational and training corners for children, and a special focus on manga and comics.

This diversity reflects the fair’s commitment to cater to varied cultural interests.

Jeddah Book Fair Proceedings

Through its cultural program, the exhibition presents a range of diverse and enriching cultural events and activities to provide an integrated cultural experience for various segments of society.

The segments include lectures, cultural workshops, and seminars in which elite experts and intellectuals participate.

Previous Book Fairs

 Last March, the authority held  the Sharqiah Book Fair  followed by the Medinah Book Fair last June.

After these two fairs, came the Riyadh International Book Fair which was organized at the end of last September.

The fairs play a big role in the access of books to the largest possible segment, and to create multiple outlets for publishing and distribution.

Hostinng book fairs ensures the transformation of the Kingdom into a major platform in the publishing industry, in line with the National Strategy for Culture emanating from Saudi Vision 2030.


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