Jazan’s Prince Visits to Coffee Development Center in Al-Dayer

Setting New Benchmarks in Coffee Production

Prince of Jazan region Mohammed bin Abdulaziz embarked on a visit to the pioneering coffee development center located in Al-Dayer Bani Malik.

Setting New Benchmarks in Coffee Production

The visit showcased a keen interest in the operational dynamics of the center. Mohammed Al-Rumaih, a key figure in regional government affairs, provided an insightful overview. His presentation shed light on the center’s dedicated efforts to elevate the quality of both dry and fresh coffee beans.

The center is at the forefront of introducing cutting-edge processing technologies. These advancements aimed at minimizing waste and substantially improving the quality of coffee produced.

Moreover, the goal of the center is to significantly uplift the domestic coffee production, targeting an impressive annual threshold of 14,000 tons.

Catalyst for Economic Growth, Employment

The royal visit underscored the center’s vital role in stimulating the local economy and curbing unemployment. By generating new employment avenues, the initiative also contributes to the welfare of the community’s farmers and its broader populace, including expatriates.

Also, Prince Mohammed bin Nasser’s expression of satisfaction and his call for redoubled efforts highlight a royal commitment to nurturing agricultural excellence and economic prosperity within the region.

Gathering of Esteemed Leaders

Consequently, this event drew the attention of several high-ranking officials, affirming the project’s significance. Among the attendees were Dr. Issa bin Yahya Al-Banawi, the acting secretary for the region, and Mohammed bin Hadi Al-Shamrani, overseeing security affairs.

Furthermore, the presence of Yahya Al-Zahrani, representing Saudi Aramco’s governmental affairs in the Western Region marked a collaborative effort towards achieving sustainable development and innovation in the coffee sector.

Finally, this visit sets a precedent for future initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of life in Jazan and beyond.


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