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Jazan Falconry Festival Steals Spotlight

Prince of Jazan Honors Winners in Falcon Racing

Today, Prince Mohammed bin Naser bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Jazan region, sponsored the opening ceremony of the Jazan Falconry Festival. the Falconry Club in collaboration with the Emirate of the region and the Jazan Municipality organized Jazan Falconry Festival. The event was part of the Jazan Winter Festival 24 “Jazan is Beautiful and Warm”. The event was held at the Falconry Festival site north of Jazan City.

Commendation & Preservation

The Prince of Jazan praised the unwavering support of the leadership for this deep-rooted national heritage. Additionally, he hailed the efforts to preserve falconry traditions linked to the region’s hunting culture. He highlighted the region’s dedication to hosting events that preserve falconry and rejuvenate the Kingdom’s cultural heritage.

Jazan Falconry Festival Significance

Furthermore, Abdulaziz highlighted the festival’s role in strengthening falconry identity. He stressed that the Jazan Falconry Festival raises awareness of the importance of preserving falcons and training the youth. The event also enhances youth falconry skills and enables them to pursue their hobbies. The prince honored winners in six main and a special young falconers’ round, concluding the event.

Distinguished Attendance at Jazan Falconry Festival

Many important figures have attended the closing ceremony including:

  • Issa bin Yahya Al-Banawi, the acting Deputy Governor of the region
  • Mohammed bin Hadi Al-Shamrani, Deputy Governor of Jazan for Security Affairs
  • Engineer Yahya bin Jabr Al-Ghazwani, Secretary of the Jazan region and General Supervisor of the Jazan Festival.

Value of Falconry in Saudi Culture

In Saudi Arabia, falconry is a celebration of cultural heritage rather than just a sport. In addition, it reflects the goals of the Kingdom and is a monument to the expertise of falconers. Falcon racing is a symbol of KSA’s past, present, and future as it soars to new heights in both culture and society.

In the Saudi Arabia, the skill of falconry has been passed down through the ages. Besides, it serves as a means of showcasing talent, endurance, and a profound comprehension of the natural environment.

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