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Ithra launches 1st exhibition of its kind to show the events of the Prophet’s migration

under the slogan (Migration: In the Footsteps of the Prophet PBUH) King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) intends to launch the first exhibition of its kind that reviews the important historical events of the Noble Prophet’s migration.

It is a traveling exhibition that begins its activities at the (Ithra) Center and subsequently travels to various locations throughout the world, intending to shed light on the topic of landed migration by reviewing a collection of objects from the Prophet’s history.

The exhibition also includes the most essential background material on these artifacts, which illustrate the richness of Islamic civilization in general and the Prophet’s legacy in particular.

By introducing this artwork, as well as short videos and graphic sequences, the exhibition exposes events and tales related to migration, allowing for discussion and knowledge exchange.

It’s worth noting that the Ithra Museum aims to host exhibitions and interactive programs that introduce national and other cultures.

The center’s mission also focuses on providing educational and development programs in this new sector in the Kingdom.

Introducing visitors to the masterpieces of contemporary arts, Islamic and natural sciences; To reach the community of innovation, knowledge, and creativity.

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