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Israel is preparing for a military attack against Iran

Israel is preparing for a militray attack against Iran

IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi announced, Sunday, that Israel is preparing the home front for war, indicating the possibility of working against the Iranian nuclear threat.

He added that the Israeli army is preparing strongly to prepare for an attack against Iran, stressing the need to prepare for any “development and any scenario.”

He also added that the military option against the Iranian nuclear program is at the heart of national security, and the heart of the Israeli army’s preparations, pointing out that there are a variety of operational plans, allocating many resources, obtaining appropriate weapons, intelligence, and training.

In this context, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid confirmed that he made clear to US President Biden his opposition to the nuclear agreement.

At the start of the Israeli government’s session, Sunday, he said that Israel retains complete freedom of action, diplomatically and operationally, against the Iranian nuclear program.

Lapid also described Biden’s visit as “historic”, given its political, economic, and security achievements, as he described it.

These developments came after US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid signed, last Thursday, a joint pledge to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, after a long debate over diplomatic efforts with Tehran.

Biden, who visited Israel last week, said he was open to the option of a last resort, using force against Tehran, in a clear step towards accepting Israel’s calls for international powers to wave a “strong military threat”.

It is noteworthy that the nuclear talks between Iran and the major powers had been launched in Vienna in April last year, and continued over marathon rounds, before they stopped last March due to some new Iranian requests from outside the agreement, such as removing the name of the Revolutionary Guards from the American list of terrorist organizations, as well as Tighten it in some guarantees.

Since then, the talks have sunk into a state of stalemate, but the recent European efforts have prompted a return to the negotiating table again.

Biden, on the other hand, expressed his intention to bring Washington back to the board of the agreement, on the condition that Tehran returns to fully respecting its obligations under it, which it began retracting from in 2019.

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