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Iran campaigns to teach Persian to Syrian children

Iran has begun to intensify efforts to recruit children in the name of the Buds of the Euphrates and teach them Persian in northeastern Syria.

Activists from Al-Mayadin, the capital of the Iranian militias west of the Euphrates, reported that the Iranian Cultural Center had opened an educational course to teach children the Persian language free of charge, under the name of Bara’s Euphrates, the second of its type. The first course opened in mid-September 2020.

The centre allocated a prize of £S1m (a bit more than US$2,000) for those who pass the Persian language test at the end of the course with excellent rates.

The Iranians in Syria are working to establish activities that target children to instil Iranian ideas among the segments of society and pass a good image to the people of the areas in which they are located.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights informed that the Iranian Cultural Center in Deir Ezzor organized a recreational trip for about 30 children to the Friends Garden established by the centre in Hawija Sukkar.

It concluded that Iran spares no effort in the process of establishing its presence in Syria, controlling it in decision-making and significant aspects of life, trying to attract Syrians, young men, and women through separatist methods.

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