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Israel destroys Syrian army observation post in Golan

The Israeli army has destroyed a Syrian army observation post in the occupied Golan Heights, according to military spokesman Avichai Adrai. It is the third time this year.

Adrai tweeted in Arabic: “The army destroyed the forward observation point of the Syrian army, which was established in an Israeli area west of the Alpha Line in the middle of the Golan Heights,” referring to the Israeli side of the buffer zone, where the United Nations conducts monitoring patrols.

Adrai declared that the Israeli forces stormed the Syrian observation point and detonated it with explosive devices. He stressed that the Israeli army will not tolerate any attempt to violate the sovereignty of the State of Israel and will continue to work to preserve the security of its citizens. There were no immediate reports of deaths or injuries.

During the past years, Israel launched dozens of airstrikes in Syria, targeting mainly Syrian army positions, Iranian targets, and other Lebanese Hezbollah.

Israel rarely confirms the implementation of strikes in Syria, but it will continue to confront what it describes as Iran’s attempts to establish a military presence near Israel’s borders.

In early May, the official Syrian media and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that Israel had launched strikes in the Quneitra Governorate in southern Syria. It is noteworthy to remind that Israel occupied two-thirds of the strategically located Golan Heights in the Six-Day War in 1967.

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