Ipsos: Saudis maintain global top spot vis-a-vis economic outlook confidence

The Kingdom has retained the top spot in the index of the world’s highest peoples with confidence in the economic trends of their wise leaders.

The Saudis occupied the lead in the index for four months.

The Saudi people maintained their country’s top spot in the Ipsos Global Research Index, from June 24 to July 8 this year.

The Kingdom came first in the index, with a confidence rate of 93%; where it achieved an outperformance of more than the world average by 32% by 61 points.

Countries such as the United States of America, Britain, France, Japan, and Canada came in the second half of the index (less than 50%) in varying proportions.

In the index, the level of concern of the world’s people varied about the main problems affecting the economy; These include inflation, poverty, social inequality, unemployment, crime and violence, economics, and political corruption.

While the Saudis were the least concerned about most of these problems, according to the results of the Ipsos index.

The Ipsos Index focuses on several important social and political issues in 27 countries around the world.

The Kingdom ranked first with 93% of Saudis’ confidence in the economic situation, with a 16-point advantage over its nearest competitor, India, which came second in terms of ranking with 77%.

Major industrial countries lagged in the lower half of the index below 50%; Japan was the worst with only 10%, Britain with 23%, France with 24%, the United States of America with 28%, and Canada with 38%.

About the levels of general global concern about the strong inflation wave that has an impact on all countries, it reached 38%, while the concern of the Saudis was the least globally and came at only 13%.

It is noteworthy that the Kingdom topped the index last year, which covers 28 countries around the world

 This is due to an increase in levels of confidence in the performance of the Kingdom’s government from 78% in January 2020 to 82% in January 2021.

It added 4 percentage points to its balance, which qualified it to be at the forefront of the countries included in the index.

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