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Indonesia Sends Hospital Ship to Gaza

Indonesia has sent a naval hospital ship to Gaza Strip for humanitarian purposes due to the on-going Israel’s assault.

Indonesia‘s commitment to providing aid in Gaza came into sharp focus following the bombing of an Indonesian-funded hospital.

Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry stated that the hospital’s purpose was to “fully serve Palestinians”​​.

However, Israel accused the facility of being built over a network of Hamas tunnels, near a launchpad for attacks​​​​.

On its part, Indonesia robustly refuted these allegations, emphasizing the humanitarian role of the hospital.

Indonesian Government’s Decision

In response to the crisis, Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto announced plans to send a naval hospital ship to Palestine.

This initiative was revealed during a meeting with Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia Zuhair Al Shun, signaling Indonesia’s readiness to provide medical treatments to victims of Israeli assaults​​​​.

Coordinating Efforts

To facilitate this mission, Indonesia is coordinating with neighboring countries, including Egypt, to gain approval for the hospital ship’s deployment near Gaza​​.

This effort underlines Indonesia’s dedication to providing humanitarian aid in a region marked by the ongoing conflict.

Solidarity with Palestine

President Joko Widodo emphasized the Indonesian nation’s solidarity and care for the people in Gaza, stating that the “humanitarian tragedy in Gaza is unacceptable and must be put to an end as soon as possible”​​.

The president’s remarks came during the send-off of Indonesian humanitarian aid, highlighting the country’s commitment to supporting war victims in Palestine​​.

Indonesia’s decision to send a hospital ship to Palestine demonstrates a strong commitment to humanitarian aid and international solidarity.

Despite facing accusations regarding the Gaza-based hospital, Indonesia continues to focus on providing much-needed medical assistance to those affected by the conflict in Gaza.

This move, coordinated with neighboring countries, represents a significant step in addressing the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the region.

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