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Palestine’s Amb. to France Loses 30 Family Members

Palestine’s ambassador to France Hala Abou Hassira announced that she lost 30 of her family members to Israeli air strikes on Gaza, according to Euronews.

“We just buried 30 of my cousins with their children 28 are still under the rubble. Israel continues killing people with the complicity and green light from those who wrote ‘the International Law’ originally written to protects humans and avoid war crimes and crimes against humanity,” wrote Abou Hassira on X.

The ambassador considered Israel’s continuous bombardment of Gaza a genocide against two million Palestinians.

Gaza’s Latest Updates


Since October 7, Israel has been indiscriminately bombing residential areas, schools, hospitals and refugee camps.

Gaza has repeatedly fallen under a complete communication blackout, isolating it from the world.

Food-and water-deprived Palestinians have been having Israeli leaflets thrown on their heads ordering them to leave the north and move to the south.

The Palestinian death toll has been increasing at lightning speed everyday surpassing 8000, half of which are children and women, ruling out the bodies that couldn’t be counted because they are still stuck under the rubble or turned into pieces scattered across roads.

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