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Seha Virtual Hospital Wins ZIMAM Award for Digital Health

Seha Virtual Hospital Wins ZIMAM Award for Digital Health
Seha Virtual Hospital

The Seha Virtual  Hospital and Innovation Empowerment Center has been honored with the ZIMAM Award for Digital Health, recognized as the best business incubator for the Safe Environment Incubator Project (Sandbox) in the field of innovation in the Arab region for the year 2023.

This award was presented during the sixth conference of the Digital Health Workforce in the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, held in collaboration with HIMSS in Dubai.

Award Objective

The ZIMAM Digital Health Award aims to honor outstanding entities and emerging projects in the multidisciplinary fields of digital health. This year, the award introduced a new set of categories addressing new areas of digital health, with special attention to industry and research.

Achievements of  Recipients

The accolade given to the Seha Virtual Hospital and the Innovation Empowerment Center reflects the distinctive efforts made in providing virtual healthcare services, supporting, and empowering health innovators and innovations.

Continual Efforts

The efforts of the Seha Virtual Hospital and Innovation Empowerment Center signify a continuation of the Ministry of Health’s endeavors in investing in the latest medical technologies to optimize the benefits from available medical services.

This contributes to enhancing the quality of healthcare services and improving performance efficiency in its health facilities, aligning with the objectives of the Health Transformation Program within the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Seha Virtual Hospital Background

” Seha Virtual  Hospital” in Saudi Arabia, which operates through telemedicine as part of the health initiatives emerging from Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

This virtual hospital provides advanced specialized services to more than 130 hospitals around the kingdom, covering 34 precise and sub-specialties. It is described as the largest virtual hospital in the world and the first of its kind in the Middle East region.

The hospital houses top consultants, specialists, and healthcare practitioners in rare and complex specialties.

Hospital’s Services

It serves about 500,000 beneficiaries per year, offering consultations and solutions that save patients the trouble of traveling to a physical hospital by interacting with doctors remotely.

Moreover, it facilitates the transfer of expertise among doctors and specialists, making top consultants available in all cities and villages through telemedicine.

Currently, the Seha Health Hospital covers more than 9 basic specialties and 25 sub-specialties, with plans to expand these specialties in the future. Its capacity is expected to reach hundreds of thousands of patients per year.

The hospital is equipped with modern technologies, including medical sensors and artificial intelligence, which aid the medical staff in monitoring the patient’s condition even if they are thousands of kilometers apart.

Some medical interventions, such as dealing with clots, diagnosing complex and rare diseases, supporting surgical operations, and monitoring critical cases, can be handled remotely thanks to these technologies.


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