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In Winter, These are the Most Popular Dishes in Saudi Arabia

With the onset of winter, Saudi families are focused on preparing for the season by warming-up, whether with clothes or buying firewood, as well as eating popular high-calorie foods that helps to keep the body warm.

Currently, it is no longer the burden of the lady of the house to prepare the food. Rather, families have come to compete with popular restaurants in preparing foods, such as “nostalgia, makqat, al-sabaa, arika, jareesh, etc.”, and social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are full of advertisements and food promotion with pictures, and craftsmanship in displaying orders, so that a person can choose what he likes in a short time in his hands.

We explored the new ways that families and businesswomen who excelled in “home cooking, preparing and delivering banquets” are preparing to be able to meet the increasing demands of the winter season.

More requests

In Najran, “Umm Nasser” became famous for popular foods and became requested by name on occasions and seasons, and what distinguishes her is that she meets all tastes through the diversity of dishes, which exceeded the southern foods, and fulfilled the desires of the residents of the region. From Hail and from the Hijaz, they ask for her popular food, and she used her daughters to help and search for these foods. She worked to develop them in a way that guarantees attracting customers.

She emphasized that most of the requests are for “Raqsh, Qanun, Maraq, Hameesa, Fatteh, Asida, Haikah, and Soup,” and there are those who request hot drinks with it, such as Arabic coffee, zanut, thyme, ginger, and other drinks.

She also explained that their sales amounted to 3,000 riyals per day, and that she has been practicing the profession of cooking popular dishes for 4 years. She started through the productive families project, noting that her project was in its early beginnings, and the food in it was limited and she was only helped by two of her daughters. So the project expanded with her husband’s enrollment after his retirement from work, in addition to all her children joining her as they saw the increased demand for her food.

High demand

It’s noticed that Instagram includes university girls and employees, showing their hobby of cooking, which later turned into an investment. The pages focus on the interest in the external decoration, and the craftsmanship in choosing the serving trays and portfolios, as they are attractive and stimulating on demand.

Nutritional advice

Nutritionist Hoda Al-Harbi advises not to overindulge in foods with a lot of fat and sugars, because they cause an imbalance in functions, especially if they are not accompanied by movement and exercise, and she indicates that heart attacks are more frequent in the winter compared to other seasons, and the reason may be because the cold helps to increase blood pressure, thus more pressure on the heart, and the body’s attempt to warm its organs, puts a burden on the heart. For this, it is recommended to warm the body, wear winter clothes, and maintain a suitable temperature in the room.

She also added: “We do not forget that the winter season is a season for some popular foods, foremost of which are nostalgia, maraq and qasr, and they can be considered healthy foods in the event of reducing the use of sugar, as well as margarine and butter, and replacing vegetable oils with them, as well as removing the fat from the meat used in some of these foods, and adding more vegetables to it. Promoting healthy winter habits is needed too, including drinking hot milk and ginger, and perhaps we are keen on imparting such healthy winter habits to our children.”

Of course, eating five portions of vegetables and fruits a day, and engaging in regular physical activity, is a necessity in all seasons of the year. It enhances the body’s immunity and prevents infection. It’s important to involve children in these healthy practices and get them accustomed to them.

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