IMC is the medical partner for City Walk for 2nd year in a row

The International Medical Center IMC has been chosen for the second year in succession as the medical partner for City Walk, Jeddah’s latest entertainment event.


IMC is keen on being present alongside visitors to provide world-class medical care, allowing them to enjoy their joyful moments at the event with a feeling of safety and peace of mind.


IMC’s participation in City Walk comes as part of its social responsibility and in an ongoing series of successful community participation to provide health care for visitors according to the highest standards.


The participating medical teams of the International Medical Center are characterized by high qualifications, speed of response, mobility, and presence in close proximity to visitors within a matter of seconds, in accordance with the highest international standards adopted by IMC.


City Walk witnessed the widespread deployment of IMC medical teams that were carefully stationed in and around the venue and within close proximity to visitors. This ensured the readiness to provide immediate health assistance and rapid ambulance support to participants within a few seconds of emergency calls.


As always, the International Medical Center strives to fulfill its mission with success by facilitating the movement of medical staff in crowded areas via numerous modern golf cars as well as ambulances stationed to operate quickly and efficiently.


As part of its healthcare plan to ensure the safety of visitors at the event, the International Medical Center set up an emergency hotline between the management of the medical teams in charge of securing the events and the management of IMC. This allowed the medical teams to obtain the necessary additional support in a timely manner, in accordance with the highest international standards adopted by IMC with its distinguished experience in the field of health care.

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